The Arc of Warren County, Ohio February 13, 2002

Board Meeting Minutes

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by President Dennis Hamilton.

Present: Dennis Hamilton, Cathy Hamilton, Sarah Hamilton, Ron Macy, Martha Macy, Terry Lewis, Helga Beaudry, Steve Barnes, Pam McCurrach..

Treasurer's Report
We have $2097.84 in our treasury.

Old Business
1. The importance of Arc members being present at all MR/DD board meetings was again discussed. Dennis Hamilton will attend the February meeting, Pam McCurrach the March meeting, and Ron Macy the April meeting.
2. Chuck Beatty continues to ask for help in finding speakers for future meetings. Several suggestions were made: a work session for April where we would begin to create a road map for families; transition to adult services (May); Social Security (June); Medicaid (July); vocational possibilities after high school (August).

New Business
1. We have officially been recognized by the Arc of the United States welcoming us as
Chapter #3154.
2. Warren County United Fund has contacted the state Arc requesting a speaker to participate in one of their meetings. Dennis Hamilton received a call from the state association asking him to be that speaker on behalf of the local chapter.
3. The national Arc Convention will be held in Columbus on November 7-9, 2002.
4. Warren County Arc will have a booth at the MR/DD Open House on March 14, from 6-8p.m. at PSU.
5. It was decided that we contact a local Knight of Columbus organization concerning funding for our organization.
6. Cathy Hamilton will be speaking to Ken Ritchie about the Millstone Project in the near future. She asked if our Arc would support such a project. Ron Macy made a motion to support the concept of Millstone and Martha Macy seconded it. The motion was unanimously carried.
7. Cathy Hamilton has created a letter which can be handed out to organizations explaining what our Arc is about and inviting people to join. This is being done in an effort to increase membership.
8. Our next board meeting will be on Tuesday, March 19, at Christ's Church in Mason.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.


Helga Beaudry, Secretary