The Arc of Warren County, Ohio November 20, 2001

Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at Christ's Church at Mason and began at 7:10 p.m.
Members present: Chuck and Judy Beatty, Ron and Martha Macy, Cathy and Sarah Hamilton, Steve Barnes, Tom Eamoe and Helga Beaudry.

Topics of Discussion

1. Quality assurance - Hamilton County Arc made a presentation to our MRJDD Board outlining how they monitor service providers for Hamilton County MRJDD. They presented a proposal on how they could provide the same service to Warren County. The board voted to accept the proposal, but voted down allocating money in the budget for this service.

2. The role of our Arc and the direction it should take for the future. Four areas were identified: *Networking - be strong advocates for people with special needs. Receive training in the following areas so that we can be better advocates: IPIIEP process, Social Security and self- determination. *Provide direct services to clients - possible events for the future would be a dance or trip involving families and friends of clients. *Support programs that are supportive to clients such as other Arc meetings, Autism Society meetings, ASK meetings, Brookside parent group meetings, etc. *Be a watchdog and be aware of things that could hurt our clients - Arc members should be present at all MRJDD board meetings to advocate for our clients.

3. Cathy Hamilton gave a presentation in Columbus on the Millstone Project. The recommendation she came away with was to disassociate the entire project from MR/DD and raise money for the land through a fund raising campaign. Another suggestion was to speak to Ken Ritchie about the project when he meets with the public in Springfield on December 14.

4. Increasing membership was discussed. At this point we have 9 family and 4 individual members. Flyers and membership applications have been sent out for the past three months. This has not been a very successful way to gain new members. Two other approaches were discussed: i going door to door to make people aware of our organization and asking each member to bring in ! at least one new member.

5. Creating a fund for people who are in financial need and have been turned down by all other sources was discussed. Members present supported such a fund, and Cathy Hamilton, as chairperson of the Ways and Means Committee, will work on raising revenue for this endeavor. In the meantime, should the need arise for such funds, Ron Macy received approval from those present to write a check from our treasury.

6. Beginning in January 2002 all Arc meetings will be held at Christ's Church at Mason on the comer of Western Rowand Mason Montgomery Roads (entrance on Western Row) in Room 103.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.


Helga Beaudry, Secretary